Weddings at St Michaels: Questions and Answers

When should we book our wedding?
You can book up to 18 months before the wedding, but it is often possible to obtain a suitable date with much less notice. The absolute minimum is 3 weeks.

Do we qualify?
Normally, at least one of the couple must be resident within the Parish of St Michaels, which basically means Braintree south of Rayne Road and Coggeshall Road, and west of Railway Street and the railway line. Check with the clergy if in doubt.
Under the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008, you also qualify to be married at St Michaels if (in summary) either of you was baptized (christened) or confirmed here, or you or your parent(s) lived in the parish for at least 6 months during your life, or you or they regularly worshipped here, or your parents or grandparents were married here. The clergy will be happy to explain the exact details of these rules.
Alternatively, you can be married in St Michaels if at least one of you is on the Church Electoral Roll (our membership list), and you can join the Roll if you worship regularly with us for at least 6 months before the reading of the banns – this means you will need to start coming at least 7 months before the wedding.

What about divorcees?
In the Church of England the remarriage of divorcees in church, where there is a former spouse still living, is now a matter for the discretion of each Parish. It is not our policy at St Michaels to conduct such marriages, but in suitable cases we do offer a Service of Blessing in church after a civil (Register Office) marriage. Please contact the Vicar if this is of interest to you.

How much will it cost?
The fees for the banns, the marriage service, and the marriage certificate are determined by Parliament each year, and we set the other fees ourselves. The figures for 2017 are:

Banns of Marriage



Marriage Service



Marriage Certificate














Bell ringing (optional) (for 20 minutes)



Heating (if required)



Flowers: fee according to season and requirements    

What’s the next step?
Contact the Vicar, who will arrange a meeting with you. He will see you to deal with the administration, help you plan your service, discuss the Christian understanding of marriage and the promises you will make to each other, and conduct a rehearsal in church so that there’ll be no nervousness on the day!

Please Note that Banns being read in church without marriage service cost £43.00